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Workshop: Science Through Story: Engaging Any Audience
Seminar: Negotiating the Job Offer
Panel: Data Science
Panel: Management Consulting

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Workshop: Science Through Story: Engaging Any Audience

This hands-on workshop adapts story development techniques from entertainment to help scientists engage broad audiences. We use examples from films to illustrate essential principles of storytelling, such as character development, narrative structure, and emergent themes. We connect these with examples from scientific research to demonstrate how storytelling principles can be used to communicate science effectively. In this interactive workshop, you will gain tools that you can use to develop a science story for any audience based on your own work or topic of interest. This workshop was developed in collaboration with artists at Pixar Animation Studios and educators at the UC Museum of Paleontology.
Sara ElShafie
Lab Instructor at UC Berkeley - PhD Candidate in Integrative Biology
Sara ElShafie is a doctoral candidate in Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research, based at the UC Museum of Paleontology at Berkeley, investigates climate change impacts on animal communities over time. Sara is also passionate about making science accessible and exciting for broad audiences. She developed a workshop series on story training for scientists and educators in collaboration with artists at Pixar Animation Studios, and has been piloting workshops around the continent over the last year. She recently organized a symposium, Science Through Narrative: Engaging Broad Audiences, with speakers from the scientific community and the entertainment industry. In the future, Sara plans to become a communications consultant and pursue informal education leadership, perhaps as the director of a major science museum.

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Workshop: Negotiating the Job Offer

You just finished interviewing. Your dream company wants to hire you, but how do you negotiate benefits? Through this Seminar/Panel, learn to navigate the job offer by understanding the various parts of an offer and thinking about what is important to you and your long-term development. Our speakers will discuss industry negotiation strategies and tips to nail your negotiation!
Maggie Wong
HR/Recruiting Consultant for Life Science Companies
Maggie Wong is a HR and Recruiting Consultant for Life Science Companies. Maggie was the Director of Talent Acquisition at HealthTell and the Director of Talent Management at Twist Bioscience. Prior to that she was a recruiter for several companies of the SF Bay area in the field of Biosciences. Maggie holds Bachelors in Molecular and Cell Biology/Economics from UC Berkeley.

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Panel: Data Science

Description As data becomes easier to collect and store in large quantities, there is growing demand for individuals with the skills to analyze such datasets. Learn how you can transition to a career in data science.
Alex Leavitt Quantitative UX Researcher at Facebook Research - PhD in Communications Alex Leavitt is a computational social scientist at Facebook Research. He received his PhD from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, where he studied collaborative news aggregation practices in large online communities. At Facebook, Alex conducts research for the News Feed product team, where he studies the impact of social ties and algorithms on people’s exposure to and engagement with news, politics, and misinformation. He uses a range of mixed methods from survey experiments, machine learning, and social network analysis to traditional ethnographic interviews and observation, and his research is published at venues such as the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and Social Media + Society. Previously, Alex was a researcher at Sony PlayStation, Disney Interactive, Microsoft Research New England, and MIT.
Heather Shapiro
Data Scientist Head of Data Science at Pear Theurapeutics (psychology) - PhD in Neuroscience
Heather Shapiro is the Head of Data Science at Pear Therapeutics, a company building the world's first world's first FDA-cleared digital prescription therapies. As an alumni of UC Davis (neuroscience PhD 2013), Heather's graduate research involved brain imaging and human behavior studies to examine neural circuits implicated in developmental disorders. With her passion lying at the intersection of innovation and scientific discovery, Heather left the academic world to join Pebble, the first-ever smartwatch company, to work on the development and optimization of Pebble Health. There she wrangled data to impact the organization at many levels, including analytics & business intelligence, data-driven product development, and R&D for forward-thinking products. At Pear, Heather is beyond thrilled to be leveraging data to set the precedent for digital therapeutics.
Jeffrey Silverman
Data Scientist at Samba TV - PhD in Astrophysics
Jeffrey Silverman is a Data Scientist at Samba TV where he uses Big Data to, among other things, figure exactly how many people are really watching ​the Super Bowl and ​Game of Thrones. Before moving into the tech industry, Jeffrey was an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Austin and he earned his PhD ​in Astrophysics ​at UC Berkeley working on exploding stars and dark energy with Prof. Alex Filippenko.
Kara Downey
Data Scientist at Nuna - PhD in Political Science
Kara Downey earned her PhD in political science from Stanford University in 2015. Prior to that, she was a double-major in theater and political science at Northwestern University (BA, 2007) and spent a year in the Kyrgyz Republic on a Fulbright Research Grant. Kara's time studying policy problems in other countries during her PhD sparked an interest in solving policy problems at home, and she's been using her social science training in companies that work on major public problems ever since. Her first job after completing her PhD was in the data science group at a consulting company that evaluates energy efficiency and demand response programs for utilities across the US and Canada. She is now a data scientist at Nuna Health, where she builds tools to help healthcare payers identify high quality providers and optimally match them with patients.
Michael Myers
Data Scientist at Rhumbix - PhD in Physics
Michael is the head of data science at Rhumbix, a startup in San Francisco building a mobile-first construction labor productivity platform. As the second full-time hire, he has had a chance to contribute broadly across the company, including developing the initial web app, producing internal customer usage metrics dashboards, and working to specify new product features. He has also worked closely with some of the largest contractors in the industry to solve problems around labor productivity, including acting as the technical lead on case studies with three of the top-ten contractors in the US. Prior to working at Rhumbix, Michael was a postdoctoral researcher and graduate student at UC Berkeley (PhD 2010) working in experimental cosmology. As a graduate student, he developed superconducting millimeter-wave detectors for use in observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). He was later part of the team that used these detectors to build a cryogenic camera and deploy it on a telescope in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This project made incredibly precise measurements of the CMB and helped improve our understanding of the very early universe.
Joel Swenson
Health Data Science Lead at Insight Data Science-PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology
Joel Swenson is the Health Data Science Lead in San Francisco for Insight Data Science. He earned a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Afterwards, Joel obtained a Ph.D. from the University of California - Berkeley from the department of Molecular and Cell Biology and completed a post-doc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research used computational and experimental techniques to better understand how the nucleus and genomes are organized and modified and how that can impact nuclear functions. Next, Joel attended Insight’s inaugural Health Data Science Fellowship in San Francisco where he consulted with a company to develop a novel, unsupervised approach to identify cancerous cells from flow cytometry data. Afterwards he joined Insight Data Science and now runs the Health Data Science program. He has guided over 50 PhDs to create data science portfolio pieces using statistics and machine learning, scoped and managed data science consulting projects from 20+ start-ups, evaluated ~1,000 applications and performed 100s of interviews to select Fellows for the program, and advised companies on data strategy. He is a proud father of a 2-year old and enjoys hiking with his family, reading, and playing soccer.

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Panel: Management Consulting

This panel highlights Ph.D.s that have gone to work for the large management consulting firms. Both STEM and HSS PhDs demonstrate how diverse perspectives are incorporated into action in this line of work.
Claire Oldfield
Consultant at Bain & Company - PhD in Neuroscience
Claire Oldfield is a management consultant at Bain and Company in San Francisco. She transitioned to consulting 18 months ago, focusing on clients in the tech and biotech industries across a range of capabilities including portfolio strategy, go-to-market, and customer satisfaction. She received her PhD in neuroscience from UC Berkeley in 2016. For her thesis research, she studied how experience changes neural activity and connectivity in the nervous system, and became an expert in zebrafish brains, microscopy, and image analysis. While in graduate school she was part of the Beyond Academia conference founding team and is now an adviser to the group. Prior to graduate school, Claire studied at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris where she completed her Masters in neurobiology. Outside of work she enjoys traveling far and wide, hiking, and eating figs!
Nicole Robinson
Associate at McKinsey - PhD in Italian Literature
Nicole joined McKinsey in September 2016 after completing her Ph.D. in Italian Literature at UCLA. Her dissertation focused on the literature of Italian women exiled during the Fascist period. Since joining McKinsey she has worked on a variety of projects that span operations, organizational design, and strategy in many industries including Bay Area high tech, the public sector, and health care. She is UCLA lead for the APD recruiting source team and a huge advocate of advanced degree students - particularly in the Humanities - broadening their career options.
Cindy Wang
Senior Life Sciences Specialist at LEK - PhD in MCB
Cindy Wang is a Senior Life Sciences Specialist at L.E.K. Consulting, where she works with clients in the biopharma industry to use data-based analyses to make strategic decisions around drug development - in other words, she facilitates high-rolling drug deals. Before her current life as an Excel and Powerpoint junkie, she was a pipette-wielding biologist at U.C. Berkeley, from which she escaped with a Ph.D. in 2017. While at Berkeley, she was a co-organizer for MCB295: Careers for Life Science PhDs, an enlightening (shameless plug) series of Monday night seminars exploring careers outside academia. She holds an A.B. from Harvard College in Chemical and Physical Biology. In her copious amounts of spare time, she also moonlights as a photographer, graphic designer, and classical musician.
Deborah K. Ford
Manager, HR Transformation and Talent Management at Accenture - PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Deborah Ford works with global organizations in Communications, Media, and Technology to identify top talent, transform their workforce & inspire innovation to thrive in a competitive environment. With more than 17 years of experience, she has benefited from diverse engagements related to Organizational Strategy, Talent Management, & Training / Development. She has supported start-up organizations just beginning their journey & led large teams with mature organizations that include diverse stakeholders, rigorous timelines, & ambitious goals. Deborah has a genuine curiosity in learning about processes, people, & inter-dependencies. She enjoys partnering with stakeholders to address complex organizational problems & motivated by opportunities to proactively improve processes to create value, drive efficiency & improve the bottom-line. She was managing editor for the Journal of Management and authored over 40 professional papers and presentations.
Lin Hung
Consultant at Boston Consulting Group - PhD in Neuroscience
Lin is a former neuroscientist turned strategy consultant. Since joining the Boston Consulting Group in 2017, Lin has helped companies in industries including biotech, retail, and entertainment improve the efficiency of their operations and develop growth strategies for both the short and long term. Before becoming a consultant, Lin completed a PhD in Pathology/Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne and a post-doc at Stanford University. He has an interest and passion in translational medicine from basic bench research to providing improved patient care through the delivery of effective and efficient therapies.
Cheryl Berriman
Consultant at Boston Consulting Group - PhD in Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Cheryl joined BCG's Chicago office in 2016, and transferred to San Francisco in 2017. Cheryl has worked with regional and global corporations on strategy and transformation in healthcare, retail banking and industrial goods industries, with a focus on CEO transitions and change management. Prior to joining BCG, Cheryl spent a decade working in the non-profit sector, including in K-12 education, higher education administration while pursuing her PhD, and logistics at the American Heart Association and Wende Museum. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from UCLA, and MA/PhD degrees in Slavic languages and literature from Northwestern University.
David Bratt
PhD Candidate in East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley
David is a PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at UC Berkeley, where he researches debates about the teacher-student relationship in early Chinese intellectual history. Aside from his teaching and research at Cal, David serves as a graduate student representative on Berkeley's University Partnership Program. He is also involved in a campus-wide initiative to promote discovery learning in the undergraduate curriculum as part of the Graduate Student Assessment Fellows program.

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